Humans Need Humans

*I preface this post by saying go listen to “People Need People” by Maddie & Tae, preferably while you read through this.

I had planned on posting my Dill Egg Salad today but things changed. Isn’t that something we are all too used to these days… “things changing”?

Mental health has been a high traffic topic of discussion lately and for very good reasons. It was even brought up today during our monthly staff meeting. And as I listened to all sorts of statistics and facts, I took it all in and assumed this talk would hit me the same as all the other “mental health” talks have. “Take care of yourself” they say. “Make sure your health comes before anything else”. Of course these are all valid thoughts but do any of us actually do these things? Personally speaking, I don’t. It’s easier to continue to push through and do things the way I want them done then try to take the time to explain them to someone else.

But what I think we as humans misunderstand is that taking care of ourselves doesn’t always come in the form of asking for help. On my drive home tonight after venting to Shane for a good 10 minutes, I found myself wondering how I could get myself out of the current funk that I, along with a million other people find themselves in on a daily basis due to our current situation.

Then, I found myself pondering the question of “how do I take care of myself when I don’t know what I’m missing”. I mean yes, I am missing “normal” life and the way things used to be BUT we as humans are resilient and can conquer almost anything (that, I am confident of). And then just like that, it hit me, while on my drive home impatiently sitting at the stop light. Answers have a funny way of doing that, making themself present in the most necessary of times. “People Need People” by Maddie and Tae randomly came on and I was shocked when I was abruptly greeted by my own tears.

And that’s when I realized, I don’t need “help” per se. I don’t need everything to go back to “normal” or for Covid-19 to “go away” – I mean yes obviously I am hopeful of these things but these are all just “things” and nothing more. And that was it, no, I don’t need things, I NEED PEOPLE. WE ALL NEED PEOPLE. The song lyrics read “To need and be needed, oh, I believe it’s what we were made for”, and it was in the moment that I realized the lowest point of any memory and the highest point of any memory always had one thing in common: PEOPLE.

As I sat there dwelling in my own thoughts, hoping for once, to hit as many stop lights as possible – I thought about all the times that I was happy, all the times that I was sad, all the times that I felt defeated, and all the times that I felt excited.. and guess what? They all ended with me needing people. Sometimes it’s Shane, sometimes its my best girl friends, sometimes it’s my sisters, sometimes it’s my mom, and sometimes it might be my principal when I’m on the brink of a mental breakdown – BUT it’s always people.

So, as we continue to go through these seasons of hard times and unknown futures. Promise me this, keep NEEDING those people because guess what? They NEED you too. That’s what makes us humans wonderful. The fact that it’s a mutual relationship among all 7.6 billion of us – the fact that we are all bonded by the simple need for each other.

And Remember, “needing” someone doesn’t make you weak; it makes you strong. It doesn’t make you less of a person; it makes you vulnerable and with vulnerability comes beautiful things.

That’s all for tonight, but don’t worry DILL EGG SALAD is still COMING SOON.

xo, brm.

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