Teacher Gift Guide

Gift giving is HARD – and it is especially hard to give gifts to humans that you don’t know on a super personal level.. like TEACHERS. As a teacher, I appreciate just being recognized and love by my students but I did have a BUNCH of people asking for recommendations for the teachers in their lives.

So, let me preface this by saying DO NOT feel like you have to buy a gift for your child’s teacher this is completely a personal decision and each teacher is different and would be happy to receive anything from their students, but I did find it helpful to poll teachers and see what gifts they find more useful than others!

So, here it is!


  • Gift Cards
    • This is by far the most popular answer on my poll – gift cards allow teachers to buy things they need instead of trying to guess what they want! I included a list of gift cards ideas below.
      • Visa Gift Card (This allows the teacher to purchase ANYTHING where Visa is accepted).
      • Teachers Pay Teachers (*This is a fantastic job, for those of you who don’t know Teacher Pay Teachers is a website where teachers can share resources with other teachers and it is incredible. I have spent a small fortune on this website this year, especially being remote!).
      • Starbucks
      • Target
      • Gas
      • Liquor Stores
  • Liquor /Wine – This is actually a more popular gift than you might think, however, I would make sure you know if the teacher drinks or not before moving forward with this one.
  • Self Care Items: spa gift card, facial, massage, manicure/pedicure, etc.
  • Personalized Cards/Handmade Gifts – these items will always be special. I have a place that I keep all the gifts from my students and I usually use the items to decorate my classroom.
  • Teacher Supplies & Classroom Materials
    • Books
    • Indoor Recess Games
    • Stylus (for students)
  • Magazine Subscription (scholastic, etc.)


*Most of these gifts fell into the category of not knowing the personal preference of the teacher. For example, I have received so many lotions and candles and the smell is not my preference so then they just sit in a drawer.

  • Hand Lotion
  • Coffee Mugs – Probably the most received gift of ALL teachers.
  • Homemade Food/Baked Goods
  • Candles
  • Candy
  • Flowers – Flowers are beautiful but they are expensive and are hard to transport home!
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Items with Teacher Quotes – You can only have so many plaques with teacher quotes on them before you can’t have anymore!
  • Picture Frames


*These were gifts that some teachers said they enjoy and some teachers said they DID not enjoy getting.

  • Bath Bombs
  • Stationary
  • Fancy Chocolate (macaroons, Christopher Elbow chocolate, etc.)

AGAIN, teachers appreciate everything. However, I know when I shop for people I always try to find things that the person will actually enjoy and use instead of throw it in a drawer to let it sit.

xo, brm.


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