Hospital Bag

Let me start off by saying that you could walk into your hospital right now with nothing in hand, deliver your precious little human, and be completely fine. It is very easy to quickly become overwhelmed when trying to pack your “hospital bag” – I know when I started looking at some people’s hospital bags, I felt like I was never going to be prepared which instantly gave me an anxious feeling.

Remember, everyone is different. Think about going on a 2-day vacation; there are humans like me that constantly overpack – bringing the largest suitcase they own and then there are humans like my sister that can pack for a week vacation with one tiny carry-on bag – neither of us are “right or wrong”, it is simply personal preference. Same thing can be said when packing your hospital bag.

I started making my hospital bag list by asking friends and family their “must have” items – collected the items that continuously appeared and added those first. Then, I took to the internet and to you humans to help with the rest. Honestly, none of these items are a necessity, instead they are items that are going to make me feel more comfortable and more in control in an environment and situation that I have no control over.

When you start making your list, think of things that make you feel comfortable, things that make you feel calm, and things that make you feel at home – and then pack those first. The purpose of this post isn’t to overwhelm you or make you feel underprepared, instead it’s to help guide you and give you a look into the items that I feel are going to bring me some peace in a time of pure chaos.

Below, you will notice that I split up the bags into three categories; Momma’s bag, Augustine’s bag, and Dad’s bag – I think you will find this helpful and for me personally, it made it seem easier to prepare.

For Momma:

Items Not Pictured:

A few things that I packed that I wasn’t able to link:

  • Extra Sweatshirt – This was more sentimental for me than anything, I’m bringing a sweatshirt that my momma wore in the hospital when she had me. However, I have heard that it’s easy to get cold and nothing makes me comfier than a massive oversize sweatshirt.
  • Snacks – I bought some nuts, beef jerky, dried mangos, and some body armor to have in the room with us. I know I’ll be limited on what I can eat and drink, but many people said it’s nice to have some of your favorite snacks in the hospital to feel more at home.
  • Toiletries
    • Travel Sized Items (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, mouth wash, makeup wipes, deodorant, etc.)
    • Hair Ties/Scrunchies
    • Hairbrush
    • Chapstick
    • Lotion
    • Dry Shampoo
    • Skincare
  • MiraLAX – SO MANY humans told me that taking MiraLAX is extremely helpful for that first trip to the bathroom after birth. I plan on making myself a little “postpartum cocktail” after I give birth to that precious little human of mine. I’ll throw in some MiraLAX with a little juice and thanking my lucky stars that I received this tip from one of my angel friends.

For Baby Boy:

Items Not Pictured:

A few things that I packed that I wasn’t able to link:

For Dad:

Items Not Pictured:

A few things that I packed that I wasn’t able to link:

  • Sweats & Change of Clothes
  • iPad
  • Camera
  • TWO Blankets
  • Pillows (x2)
  • Bath Towels (x2)

I hope this was helpful!

xo, brm.


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