Crispy Dill Ranch Brussel Sprouts

CRISPY DILL RANCH BRUSSEL SPROUTS! Side dishes are far and few in-between in the Miller household, so I’ve been experimenting with different ideas and these crunchy bits of goodness are the PERFECT candidate. I especially LURVE that these can double as a healthy little snack too. I basically took all the ingredients that I use for my goldfish snack mix and applied it to brussel sprouts … Continue reading Crispy Dill Ranch Brussel Sprouts

Philly Cheesesteak Zucchini Boats

“HEALTHIER” PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS, COMING RIGHT UP! Zucchini boats are my JAM and I love coming up with new ways to spice them up and this recipe does just that! These Philly Cheesesteak Zucchini Boats are already a BIG winner in our household, they are delicious and healthy, but especially because they make for great leftovers. I have been trying to branch out on our dinner recipes … Continue reading Philly Cheesesteak Zucchini Boats

Summer Broccoli Salad

SUMMER BROCCOLI SALAD! Salads are a big part of our lives during the summer months! I love experimenting with them, especially with all sorts of fresh veggies. I have had a variety of broccoli salads, some of my own, and some made by others, but I don’t think I have ever had one that is as refreshing as this one! I blame the dressing. I have … Continue reading Summer Broccoli Salad

Watermelon Feta Salad

SUMMER SALADS ARE MY JAM! There is nothing quite like crunching into a refreshing salad during the sweet summertime, and YES, I am aware that we haven’t seen any of this sweet summertime yet, BUT I am confident it will be here soon! In the meantime, I’ve just been practicing by enjoying this WATERMELON FETA salad, and dreaming of warmer days. You’ll always know when … Continue reading Watermelon Feta Salad

Parmesan Ranch Grilled Potatoes

GRILLING SEASON IS BACK! One of my favorite things about the warmer weather is being able to sit outside, sip on some crisp white wine, and grill our dinner. Shane is always in charge of the protein aspect of dinner but I have started to get more and more creative when it comes to grilling our side dishes. I present to you, our newest obsession … Continue reading Parmesan Ranch Grilled Potatoes

Crockpot Tuscan Chicken

CROCKPOT TUSCAN CHICKEN! Crockpot recipes are my favorite for OBVIOUS reasons; they are easy, there is always little to no prep and most importantly they require VERY LITTLE clean up! This crockpot recipe turned out better than expected and the flavor is INCREDIBLE. I’m a BIG fan of sun-dried tomatoes, so anytime I can incorporate them into a recipe I am all about it! The review … Continue reading Crockpot Tuscan Chicken

Momma Kelli’s Bierocks

THE BIEROCKS ARE HERE! The responses I got from many of you when I first posted about “bierocks” was “What are those?!” or “Are you from western Kansas?”. The answer is no, I am not AND these little pastry filled yums are the absolute BEST. However, I didn’t even consider that bierocks were uncharted territory for most. My momma has been making these flaky bits of … Continue reading Momma Kelli’s Bierocks