Apple Streusel Baked Brie

APPLE STREUSEL BAKED BRIE! GUESS WHO IS BACK…BACK AGAIN. I know it’s been a hot minute since my last recipe post but things have been crazy over in the Miller household. HOWEVER, with the holidays quickly approaching, you know I couldn’t leave all of you humans hanging. I have made this three times since last week, and I’ll be making it a fourth time tomorrow for … Continue reading Apple Streusel Baked Brie

No Bake Peanut Butter Cup Pie

NO BAKE PEANUT BUTTER CUP PIE! Don’t worry, it definitely lives up to its name, I promise. This pie is hands down one of my favorite desserts and I can’t believe I am just NOW sharing it with you humans! Between the creamy peanut butter filling and the added bonus of Reese’s Thins, there is nothing about this mouth watering dessert that I DO NOT LURVE. … Continue reading No Bake Peanut Butter Cup Pie

Pretzel Ice Cream Sandwiches

TINY ICE CREAM SANDWICHES WITH PRETZELS?! I am convinced that I have uncovered the GREATEST SNACK OF ALL TIME. Between the salty of the pretzel, the sweet of the ice cream, and the crunch of the sprinkles… I am not sure that I have ever tasted anything quite this DELICIOUS. We all know that I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world AND I always … Continue reading Pretzel Ice Cream Sandwiches

No Bake Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake Bites

NO BAKE CHOCOLATE DIPPED CHEESECAKE BITES! It is quite the mouthful, I know – BUT it’s the most decadent and delicious mouthful there ever was. I can’t stop with the BITES and they are just so convenient when you’re trying to feed a variety of people, say, at the lake or a backyard BBQ! These No Bake Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake bites are no exception – they … Continue reading No Bake Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake Bites

Chocolate Raspberry Cups

CHOCOLATE AND FRUIT – only the best combination there EVER WAS! Fruit is always my go-to summer dessert, so when I can incorporate fruit and chocolate into a recipe I know it is ALWAYS going to be a winner, and these Chocolate Raspberry Cups are NO exception. The best part about these tasty little treats is that there is a variety of different combinations you … Continue reading Chocolate Raspberry Cups

Lemon Coconut Energy Bites

LEMON COCONUT ENERGY BITES! Energy bites are new territory for me, but I’m excited with how these turned out. Dates and I have a love/hate relationship – meaning I enjoy eating them but I can’t just eat them plain. SO, I am always looking for ways to incorporate them into my diet and these Lemon Coconut Bites did the job. The lemon flavoring is fainter than … Continue reading Lemon Coconut Energy Bites

PB&J Puppy Chow

Sings “PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!” I’m back with yet ANOTHER puppy chow recipe and if you’re like me than this one will be your favorite one yet! Shane was VERY skeptical at first – he said “I don’t like jelly” and I responded “Just try it!” … we are on our third batch and not because of me! I will say this combination seems lighter … Continue reading PB&J Puppy Chow